februari 4, 2021

Are you invited for wedding in Stockholm?

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A wedding is a beautiful moment in a relationship, and sometimes you’ll get an invitation.
It usually takes more than a day to stay over for a wedding and in that case you should consider rent apartments in Stockholm to make it more affordable.

Stockholm is a beautiful city with lots of places and stuff to do, you will not regret staying a few more days to explore the town.
There is lots of guides on the internet, but here are some highlights that you shouldn’t miss in this article.
Even if you only are staying for a weekend old town you have lots of opportunities to discover something special.

One recommended destination is the Vasa-museum that display an old salvaged warship that sank on its maiden voyage.
You could also go for adventures in Sweden where there is lots to chose from, those packages are from 7 nights or longer and includes some travel around the country.

Don’t miss a visit to a restaurant named Aifur that you find in the center of Stockholm’s old town,
It is a restaurant that are inspired by The Viking ages, it is decorated with old weapons, sheepskin covered wooden benches and lots of other things made of wood.
The food is simple but festive with root vegetables, meat, and other simple foods. Of course do they serve mead, ales, and other sweet juices to drink.

The restaurant is created by the famous musician that also created E-type, he is often seen eating there and likes to be recognized.
Make sure to book in advance because some seasons it has a month-long queue while you always can visit in the mead bar just for drinks.

One more thing, are you interested in history don’t forget to visit the remains of Alfred Nobel’s old factory ground where he used blasting bunkers.